Thermoset Molding for Corrosive Environments

A big difference between molded thermoplastic (nylon, ABS, polypropylene, etc.) parts and thermoset (BMC, phenolic) parts is the performance properties the molding material provides a part with. Whereas thermoplastics can be remelted and remolded, a molded thermoset part cannot be remelted and re-molded a second time. This is due to the chemistry composition thermosets exude. […]

SEO Employee of the Month!

I’ve never actually heard of this happening to anyone in web design, and I have many web industry friends that I network with routinely. Here’s what happened: Mr. Goodwater is a water treatment company in the greater Rockford, IL area.  They need a strong website presence because their ideal clients are routinely searching Google for […]

Could Your Website Be Turning Away Top Quality Talent Right Now?

If you are trying to hire more employees and feel like you aren’t having any luck, then I am writing this article for you. It may not solve your entire problem, but I want you to understand an important concept about your company website. Your Company Website is a Reference Tool for Prospective Employees When […]

My Soft Spot for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are so incredibly important to our society that I am not sure how anyone couldn’t have a soft spot for them. Some manufacturers have legacies that are 50 to 100+ years old that have been passed down many family generations.  They invest all of their time, effort, and energy into manufacturing the best product […]