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What are the benefits of using a Manufacturer’s Representative?

There are many benefits – two deserve immediate attention

Reduced Cost: A manufacturer’s representative is a sales professional working an account based territory or geographic region. Operates strictly on commission only. There are no salaries, expense accounts or bonus programs to be concerned with. Furthermore, there are no other channels or middlemen that increase costs. Short version: There are no sales expenses until there is a sale.

Increased Brand Exposure: A sales professional with a diversified portfolio of complementary products and services can afford to call on customers too small to be profitable for a single line. The new product or service will gain traction faster because the representative has an already established relationship with the customer, outperforming a single line sales force, regardless of experience and skill.


Manufacturers can expand sales of High Quality parts for industry. LSG offers a lower cost and reduced risk solution to increase sales and expand brand awareness. Midwest Sales Territory with a Strategic sales approach, enhanced web marketing services and established and growing client base to increase revenue.

Customer Wins


Long term relationships with the customer, principals and prospects. A Manufacturer’s Rep works hard to become a valued resource. The rep understands the corporate culture and industrial market. We are the engineering liaison between customer and manufacturer. We meet and integrate with Engineers, buyers, product managers, marketing and other team members involved in the manufacturing sales process. Our close partnerships with our manufacturer’s allows the customer to receive the attention they need. A Manufacturer’s Representative will spend decades establishing and nurturing relationships with customers.


The value of experience and product knowledge, Customer awareness, understanding of customer needs that come from long term relationships in the industry allows the manufacturers rep to enhance performance of the complete sales process. Knowing how to improve communication between engineering and procurement while providing a single source solution for the buyer for all their needs. End result: more productive sales calls


A Consultative selling approach allows for more productive meetings that puts the customer first. Relationships allow open dialogue that will acknowledge and furnish solutions that will meet and provide priority to customers needs. This process also establishes the credibility to help solve problems in the customers best interests. A Champion who fights for the customer’s needs.

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